Wednesday, October 11,2023 Rain or Shine

Set up- 4:00 pm

Science Fair 4:30-5:30 pm

( It will be held in the OLC, but in the event of rain it will be held in the BBC)


We invite all students from Grades K-4 to participate.


Entry Deadline: Monday, October 2, 2023


Science lovers, physicists, astronomers, biologists, geologists, chemists,
meteorologists, engineers: this is the event for you!

Think outside the box! Do you have any ideas for renewable resources,
alternatives to conventional materials or do you care about sustainability and
recycling? You can conduct an experiment, explore a scientific concept or
demonstrate a scientific topic. We would love to hear more!




  • Students should develop or create an experiment that demonstrates their thinking and, specifically, the scientific method.


  • Prepare a tri-fold display showing the experiment and its results.


  • Students will be assigned a location and stand by their display at the fair and are expected to explain and present their ideas. Reminder: for safety and allergy concerns, NO ANIMAL PRODUCTS, DRY ICE, FIRE OR MATCHES, SLIME, FOOD OR BEVERAGE GIVEAWAYS allowed at the Fair.


  • Projects will not be judged; our fair is an exciting celebration of science – not a competition.



Please complete this Entry/Permission form: Science Fair Sign-up


If your child signs up but then is unable to attend, please let someone on the committee know as soon as possible.




  • Where can I get ideas?

Many sources are available, including the school and public libraries and websites such as,,, etc. You can also do an online search for “science fair projects elementary” and explore! The best topics come from the students’ genuine curiosity about how something works or why something is the way it is.



  • What goes into my Science Fair display?

Students should incorporate their responses to the following questions into their displays.


Problem: What do you want to find out? What is your question?


Prediction/Hypothesis: What do you think will happen?


Procedure & Supplies: How did you conduct your investigation? What supplies did you need?


Conclusion: What did you discover? What were your observations and conclusions?



  • Can I work by myself or in a group?

    Interested students can work individually or with a group (up to 4 students). Students are not permitted to be involved in more than one display.



  • Where can I find rules/guidelines for the Science Fair?

    Further information can be found here.







  • What are the display policies?


Reminder: Due to safety and allergy concerns, our rules are no live animals or animal parts (no owl pellets),no dry ice, no fire or matches, no food, beverages, slime or other giveaways.



Display set up starts at 4:00 PM at the West School OLC, with overflow in the hallways between 3rd and 4th grades.



If you require any special considerations for your display (such as electrical access) please let the coordinators know on your entry form.



Students are responsible for taking their display home at the end of the night. 



Parent supervision is required at all times whether you are participating in or attending the science fair. The playgrounds will not be available at any point during the fair.


Please note the display policy listed in FAQ. All displays must be taken down at the end of the night on May 16th. Any displays remaining will be disposed of. Unfortunately, we do not have room at West to leave projects on display post the Science Fair. 



Please email parent volunteers Lauren Bock and Erin Gutelius at

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