Mighty Math is a program open to all West School students. It is designed to encourage the practice of mathematics at home and recognize students at school for their efforts. This program is voluntary although we encourage all students to give it a try. The last time we ran this program, we had over 200 students record over 290,000 minutes!


Mighty Math is designed to be an extension of what students already do at home with math. There are many ways to practice combinations, use mathematical strategies and have fun with math. Some of the different ways include activities located on our West School website, computer software games, commercial board games, card games, and activities from Investigations in Number, Data and Space. Click here to go to the New Canaan math department site.


What are some examples of Mighty Math Activities?

  • Board Games - Monopoly, Stratego, Chess, Battleship, Checkers
  • Card Games - Crazy Eights, Uno, Solitaire, Snap
  • Logic Puzzles/Manipulatives - Sudoku, Mindware, Tangrams
  • Math Exercises - Worksheets, flash cards, write & solve word problems, problem solving
  • Computer Games/Apps 


Unfortunately, math homework does not count towards Mighty Math minutes. Any extra work though beyond the assignment will count! Click here for a comprehensive list of suggested activities. The activities listed are only suggestions. If there is a favorite math activity that you already do at home, please write it down and share it with us. We want to hear all about the Math you are doing!


Mighty Math is flexible. It can be done anywhere, anytime! It can be done during the week, on the weekend, in the car on the way to practice, and even on vacation. Mighty Math can be done with a partner, a team, parents, brothers or sisters, friends or even on your own. After looking at our suggested activities list, many West School families have discovered that they were already practicing mathematics at home in the form of favorite board games or logic puzzles!


How to record Mighty Math minutes?

Click here for individual online entry or here to print a tally sheet to keep track before entering online.


The minutes will be tallied in two ways:

1) Individual tallies will be recorded monthly on the Mighty Math Bulletin Board near the 2nd Grade Hallway. Students will receive one star on the board for each 100 minutes spent improving their math skills.

2) Grade-wide tallies will be recorded on the Mighty Math Bulletin Board in the BBT. Students will contribute to their grade's MM minutes total as well as total percentage participation.



Fun math-related prizes will be distributed monthly, once they reach the following total minute milestones (different prizes will be awarded at each level):
200, 500, 1500, 3000, 5000, 10,000


If you have any questions, please contact the Mighty Math team at mightymath@westschoolptc.org 


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